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 New Year Resolutions 2018? (14)

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New Year Resolutions 2018?

Did you make any, what are they, and are you any good at keeping them?
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New Year Resolutions 2018?

Troll Nomenclature and his 500 puppets more.

1) Crush the rebel alliance.

2) Finish designing Lord Vader's new suit.

3) Call someone either a "fool" or an "imbecile" at least once each day.

4) Finally start brushing my teeth regularly for the first time in 60 years.

5) start yoga classes

6)Bang yoga instructor using the dark side.

7) Finish constructing weather manipulation array to add to the Death Star.

8) Invent a new type of Sith lightning.

9) Make Nomenclature my slave and turn him to the dark side to be Vader's side-bitch.

10) Get over my addiction to bath salts.

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Top ten New Years resolutions for the Democrat Party in 2018...

1) Removing the words "Christ" and "men" from any word, or combination of words, that might offend Progressives, Atheists, Feminists or basically anyone.

2) Supporting the radical Feminist and Pro abotion Lobby's agendas even if it means no more Special Olympics.

3) Adding letters to the alphabet, making room for the latest sexual orientation of the month. Lets see...LGBTQIAPK..... wait? Where is "N" for Necrophillia?

4) Gaining a politcal majority in the Dog Catcher's national assosiation.

5) Eliminating any actual attempt at comedy from the Stephen Colbert Late Show, and making it non stop politcal attacks on Trump.

6) Finding another voice for the Democrat Party, any voice, other than the Clintons. For some reason corruption and rape accusations no longer works for them.

7) Finding the next Bernie Sander's not yet out of the socialist closet. Always remember, you must first lie and deceive to get elected, and then when the timing is right, coming out of the closet, announcing you have had an epiphany and now supporting such issues as Gay marriage, etc., as did Obama.

8) Keeping track of the thousands of job killing regulations eliminated by Trump, and thereby saving time if the voters once again vote for the Party of Transformation, I mean Transgenderism, I means Transexualism, I mean LGBTQIAPKRSUVWXYZCDEFHJMN.

9) Making sure the Olympic rules for Transgender Athletes never prevents male weight lifters from competing in women's weight lifting competitions, after completing all required sex change operations.


10) Drum rollllllllllllllllllll...... Obstructing Trump's Presidency at every turn, at all costs, no matter the harm to the US and it's citizens.... obstruct, obstruct, obstruct!

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"wait? Where is "N" for Necrophillia?" excellent ^^ .

FromWithin(8240) Clarified
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Thank you. It's funny how the Left leaves out certain unnatural sexual orientations that makes them look the fools, as they already do.

I guess people who are attracted to dead people have no Constitutional rights to marry as do other alphabet orientations supposedly have.

mrcatsam(662) Clarified
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Yep. Uh huh. Thank you for that lovely rant, from within. Now can we please get back on topic?

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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What rant, those are the resolutions for the Democrat Party. If you don't like the politics you support, change.

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I have a solid history of keeping the more serious of my resolutions. I became a gym rat after one and lost a lot of weight, I've had diet changes stick for at least half a year, I had one lead to a 5 year span of a woodcarving and painting hobby. So I don't just blow smoke. Though I know it's only the more serious ones that matter. Little last minute joke resolutions don't really count.

Anyway, I spend way too much time on electronic media. Cell phone in particular... Work and home e-mails, news updates, weather, sports scores, amazon, and a handful of games, and of course sites like this one. I've resolved to spend less time there. It's pretty eye opening when family is sitting around during the holiday and pretty much every adult is on their cell phone instead of truly interacting.

So, I'm not going to go nuts about it. I don't want to become a Luddite. I'm just going to try to limit some check-ins to hourly and others to daily.

Which is a round about way of saying you'll probably see me less and it will take a lot longer to see if I reply. Those of you who like to dogpile comments and make it look like the opponent is stumped because of your arguments will love it. Enjoy,

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Those of you who like to dogpile comments and make it look like the opponent is stumped because of your arguments will love it.


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My new year's resolution is not to make any.


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1) Get my German a advanced level.

2) Find a more stable job than freelance web developer.

3) Start distance learning social work degree and look for more volunteer opportunities.

4) Start kickboxing.