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Yes. Kill it with fire.
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New York legalizes the 9 month abortions. Have liberal gone mad?

I am prolife, so I think any abortion out side of medically endangered mothers is murder, but at 9 months, there is never a good reason to kill th baby. This is sick, and I am not a Democrat anymore.


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Kill it with fire.

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You have looked at the reality of what the Democrat Party has become, and changed Parties. That is what any decent compassionate loving human being would do.

The fact that people would still vote for this barbaric Party, after seeing what they support, shows how low the human race can go.

People in the past, who supported slavery and the holocaust, are no different then the people who support No Restriction abortions today.

We wonder how people could have been so barbaric in the past? Look in the mirror the next time you vote for Democrats.

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Agreed. Is there room for moderates in the Republican Party? I just left the Democrats over this.

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Yes, there is room in the Republican Party for moderates. There always had been but the Left wing Liberal media loves painting the Republican Party as a bunch of red neck racists.

You possess the simple intellect to grow and see through the lies. I've noticed that those who are truly pro life have a conscience that can discern matters of humanity.

The Democrat Party has become the Party with no room for moderates such as yourself. If you remember, Pro life women were not wanted during the Left's women's march.

Pro life people are looked down on by those on the Left. As Hillary actually admitted the Left's true feelings towards Conservatives. She called us a basket of deplorable's. We are irredeemable according to the truly intolerant people on the Left.

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New York legalizes the 9 month abortions. Have liberal gone mad?

You have to have ever been sane to go mad.

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So true! I should have thought about that.......................................................................

Side: Kill it with fire.