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New liberal pecking order is Muslims over gays

The New Pecking Order: Muslims Over Gays

Muslims first

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Religions reflect the culture of the societies that use them. Western society has evolved it's culture over the past sixteen centuries to reject certain beliefs and practices. Human rights have become a powerful determinant in what is considered acceptable. The religion western culture uses has also changed to remain relevant. Middle eastern culture has not kept pace with western culture in terms of human rights. Western ideas about human rights are beginning to be adopted by middle eastern cultures. Consequently the religion used by middle eastern culture has only now begun the process of change. There are two Islams today. In a couple more centuries, if middle eastern culture continues to evolve, Islam will change change to remain relevant, just as Christianity has done.

Culture is the driving force behind religions. If you find Islam to be repugnant, remember it's the culture that needs to change first. Be patient, recalling that human rights is a still evolving element in western culture as well.

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Hello bront:

Unlike wrongwingers, libs don't HAVE a pecking order.. Truly, in this great nation of ours, all religions are free..

I thought right wingers loved the Constitution.. No, huh?


Side: Muslims first

The Progressive Left goes from one PC group to the next. They have to keep their activism current so as to keep the PC cult followers engaged, and the votes coming in.

Abortion was their first real hot topic issue to divide America into separate voting blocks. We watched with every decade the slippery slope of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, trimester abortions. They told us tax payers would never have to pay for it until of course they forced us all to pay for abortions through State medicaid.

Their final goal was attained as the Democrat Party now keeps it legal to have even No Restriction abortions.

On to the next special interest group to divide and conquer.... Homosexuality.

Gay activism has run it's course because they attained their political goals of forcing every State to bow to the Political correct Collective.

Transgender disorders were the next unnatural sexual orienattion on their list. This PC lunacy will play out until every public school has been forced to change their bathrooms to allow boys with disorders to go into our daughter's restrooms.

The next sexual orientation to divide and conquer will be Pedophilia. It is just getting started in this PC madness. The Left has already tried to get pedophiles protected under hate crime bills, and equal right's legislation. They want no pedophiles being discriminated from a teacher's job if they have aready done their time.

Muslims are just one more special interest group for the Left. They represent possible future votes for the Democrat Party. It's one of their latest divide and conquer hot button issues. As has already happened in Europe, the Left wants America overrun with Muslim refugees.

The only thing i can figure is that the Left wants their votes, and has so much disdain for our Christian majority and Christian heritage in America, that they would risk the horrors of increased terrorism just to change the demographics of our nation.

Pretty sick but this is how the Left operates. They have no love of country. It's all politics, anti Christianity, humanism, and socialist ideology to them.

Side: Gays last