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No Schools [at ALL]

Well, economically, we get free education...

well Sort Of.

Our tax payer money pays for the education we need to strive in life.

But our govenor has already cut down on the school funding,

Which really cant help schools in any way.

And some teachers give us some valuable lessons.

But what if we dont have schools?

We could lessen the burden of government suport on the schools.

And instead of learning directly from teachers,

students can be given textbooks,

Forcing them to independent study for a better future.


So, Should we have schools? Think of the benefits for bgoth decisions.

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If we didn't have schools, and students were relied on as independents as education, the country would have many ignorant students in America. As much as paying taxes for public education, it is necessary.

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Students would never learn anything independently ...

Give a kid a text book when he can't read, and he wont do anything with it.

Have his parents teach him/her how to read, then they are being their childs education.

Once they know how to read they will get stuck sooner or later, and my parents hardly no anything about mathematics. So how would be become unstuck?

College would OWN a kid who has only learned from a text book, he/she wouldn't pass the entrance exams. Or even be able to write a coherent essay describing themselves for a college entrance essay.

All in all a terrible idea.

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No school equals no education. What kid do you know that actually reads his text book?

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If by "no schools" you mean no government education camps, then yes, I agree 100%.

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