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Yes, It's a scam. No! Long live the rulers!
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No form of authority is legitimate.

Authority is just a concept created by humans to control humans, what make the king (or whoever is in power) above the rest of us? Devine right to rule is a sham! Convince me ANY form of authority is legitimate in any way!

Yes, It's a scam.

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No! Long live the rulers!

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Yes, we should dispense with the all forms of government including the police and armed forces and let society be self regulating.

No organized health authorities, no authoritarian city councils with their speed limits, pub closing times, waste collection, and volumes of repressive by-laws.

No central government setting tax rates and allocating our hard earned dollars to a range of extravagant and worthless causes such as care for the elderly and education.

Yes, how life would be significantly better for all if only we could renounce all forms of authority and create an;-*every-man-for-him/her-self-society.


We could all get hammered and have the Hillys vs the Billys shootouts every night.

Wowee that would be a real life or death society.

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Yeah brilliant idea, no authoritarian courts or prisons, no laws to break. Just a plain simple anything goes society with booze and drugs being sold openly on the streets to all age categories including toddlers.

Marauding gangs doing as they wish unfettered by those over zealous authoritarian police.

Go out get blocked, rape a few women, raid an Old people's Home and '' knock the Granny out of the residents.

What a wonderful Utopia that would be.

Side: Yes, It's a scam.

Convince me ANY form of authority is legitimate in any way!

I understand what you are saying and mostly I agree. However, scientific and/or authority based on personal expertise is legitimate in my opinion. That isn't to say that these forms of authority are always right, but what is the point in gaining knowledge and experience in something if other people without that knowledge and experience are going to ignore what you say?

Side: No! Long live the rulers!
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The Devine right of kings is false. From that it does not follow that your doctor is as ignorant of medicine as the layperson.

Side: No! Long live the rulers!