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 No justice yet for Rachel Corrie and her family. (8)

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No justice yet for Rachel Corrie and her family.

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I have about as much sympathy for those who knowingly go into a conflict zone as I do those who stay in the path of an oncoming hurricane. You know know the danger, you know the risk. Don't ask the world for sympathy. Don't ask the world for justice, because you didn't have to go.

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Ohhhhh.... well you're about to meet Garry.... good luck with that, hehehe. ;)

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My regards as well. Try to avoid him when he's drunk. Also, try to avoid him when he's fully capable of thought. Actually, just avoid him altogether. ;)

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OK, while I feel bad for her and her family, the last time I checked, it is not very safe in Palestine, Gaza, Israel, or most of the area. Frankly and with no disrespect, I am surprised she wasn't shot or kidnapped or ???? first.

There will be no justice because there can be no justice.

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Israel isn't that unsafe, Gaza... yeah, I'd stay the hell out of there and the West Bank? Meh? Depends on the day. I've been to the West Bank as a tourist and that isn't really bad.

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Well, in relation to one another I will agree with you. I was thinking that general area compared to the medwest of the US where I live.

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Garry... Really? Propaganda bullshit video. You really need to stay off of YouTube.

garry77777(1794) Disputed
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"Garry... Really? Propaganda bullshit video.You really need to stay off of YouTube."

All the videos on her story are heavily propagandised due to the emotive nature of it. If you'd rather something a little bit more objective try this debate:

I'd like to know who you think wins.