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Doctor actually killed the bab Mother is secondary victim
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No one wants to put mothers on trial for murder. We want to try the murderer

Doctors and clinics actually perform the abortion. The mother does not. We see the mother in a way as a secondary victim because of the psychological damage women claim occurs after the abortion. The doctor is the professional and the actor of the actual murder. We cannot assume the intent of the mother due to leftist indoctrination that removing a baby is like removing a tumor instead of killing another person. But we do know the intent of the doctor who must be fully educated in what they are killing in order to be a doctor in the first place.

Doctor actually killed the bab

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Mother is secondary victim

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Well, insofar that surgeons perform abortions as per instructions from the pregnant woman and within the lawful regulations pertaining to such procedures they most certainly cannot, and should not be referred to murderers.

Professional counselling is given to the mother-to-be who is also advised that postnatal therapy and childcare assistance will be available should she decide to let the pregnancy run its natural course,

If the pregnant female still wishes to continue with the termination then the surgeons will carry out the abortion professionally within the hygienic, and well equipped conditions of a specialist clinic.

Any trauma experienced by the patient pales into insignificance when compared to the psychological damage caused by a BACK STREET ABORTIONIST (BUTCHER), not to mention the real risk of serious infection and the significantly increased possibility of death.

Unwanted children are a burden to themselves and the society in which they live.

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If religious wackos like you were in charge the world population would be 15 billion within 30 years and 90 percent of people would be starving. Take your antiquated and highly dangerous interpretation of the Bible and shove it right up your japs eye. Thank you very much.

Side: Mother is secondary victim
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No one wants to put mothers on trial for murder. We want to try the murderer


In our system of jurisprudence, if a pregnant body is not presented, there can't be a murder.. The person, therefore, who presents herself are called accomplice's.


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