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Nobel prize for peace

Should Kerry get the Nobel peace prize for the Iran deal?


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In my opinion, Yes. John Kerry worked diligently to get a Nuclear Arms Deal with Iran, so, he is a worthy candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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daver(1771) Clarified
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What sort of peace do you think he has gained with this deal specifically.

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It is quite ironic considering the history and changing perspectives of Iran's people, moreover the country itself has been described as an "active state sponsor of terrorism".

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Well there's been many nuclear deals before but should we give all stimulators a noble peace Prize no of course;Kerry is totally unworthy of such high a reward

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Let's wait and see if it passes all the jumps and hoops and has longevity over the next decade before we start heaping praise on anyone.

However, in so saying, I will give those involved 10 out of 10 for trying to get what was achievable. The best deal is better than the uncertainty of no deal

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The real winner here is Iran. They've secured a deal to proceed with the development of their nuclear programme for peaceful purposes. Firstly if you believe that that is their true intention then you'd believe horse balls are lemons. Secondly, when they've taken the development of their ''peaceful nuclear power programme'' to it's conclusion they will be in a much more advanced position to commence on making a bomb. At this stage they can tell the international inspectors to go and yodel up the canyon and sanction away until pancake Tuesday.

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Whilst I will always hope for the better I hear what you say and that as far as history is concerned and in the future, there will always be potential for "the best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley"

We can only hope that in the meantime there will be some serious public opinion in Iran to restrict nuclear weapons as well as very very close inspection their facilities.

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Because we would absolutely have been torn apart as a nation if we didn't appease Iran...

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