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Nom Might Be A Genius

But he is still intellectually weak for a genius. In intellectual circles and social clubs everybody knows he is the bitch. They laugh at him for being the dumbest genius in the room. Fact.
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Nom believes 9 / 11 was an inside job as he has the “ real beef “ on what actually happened , he also believes Karl Mark was a “visionary “ when most know Marx was a lazy loafer who never worked a day in his life , called blacks “ niggers “ and invested three fortunes on the stock market

Nom also thinks communism is the bees knees and anyone who disagrees is a Nazi

Nom might be insane

NumberOne(445) Disputed
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Nom might be insane

Throwing a rabid temper tantrum in which you attack someone who is not even here to defend himself is hardly evidence of his lack of sanity.

Karl Mark was a “visionary “ when most know Marx was a lazy loafer who never worked a day in his life , called blacks “ niggers “

Although it has clearly escaped you, academia is a profession. Academics work in the same way an accountant or a librarian works. Furthermore, you are purposefully taking Marx's language out of the context of the times it existed in. Abraham Lincoln himself, the great emancipator of black slavery, regularly referred to blacks as "darkies" and was very open about his views that whites were genetically and/or culturally superior.

I am quite sure you are familiar with this 19th century view, in fact, given that you share it.

Dermot(5453) Disputed
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Back to defend yourself after banning and down voting me for correcting you on your last rant

Stating a fact as in the state of your mental health is an honest assessment , your continued insanity perceives the truth as being “ a rabid temper tantrum “ which is a symptom of your illness

Academia is indeed a profession Marx was unemployable no one would give him a position he sponged off Engels and his family , Marx was a loafer

Marx and Engels mocked blacks and Jews and perceived them as being inferior you totally agree , so what if Lincoln was another racist

It’s remarkable you accuse me of a rabid temper tantrum when it’s you who hasn’t a civil word for anyone on C D , even more remarkable is you accuse me of racism the very trait you defend your hero’s Marx and Engels of being guilty off , I also note Marx a Jew detested Jews which totally is in line with your views

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Nomenclature believes 9/11 was an inside job because he is anti-science and refuses to believe the scientific fact that steel can melt.

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Nomenclature is like Jesus. He's a nice idea but he doesn't really exist.

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What the literal fuck?

I don't know whether you're promoting him or attacking him you schizophrenic weirdo. You've confused the hell out of me.

MichioKaku(161) Disputed
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dont know a dont think for a secmute they that doesnt know that this are nomenclature alt