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Nom can suck it. Putin is no fascist

Nom is jealous of Putin's strong leadership capabilities, and it really comes across when he talks. He says Putin is "corrupt autocrat" but it common knowledge that Putin is kind, compassionate father figure.

For example, how does Nom explain this?


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Fascist, communist, authoritarian, dictator, WTF is the difference!? Since there is none, "Nom" can call him whatever he wants as far as I am concerned! (Including, obviously, Trumps BOSS)! :-(

You can put your Russian keyboard away now. This "kind and compassionate father figure has killed at least 40 non-sympathizers in less than a year (that we know of).

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Are you gay for old Putey Poot? As W calls him?

Listen, numbnuts...Putin is an old school soviet hardliner nationalist who will and has used any means necessary to attain his agenda. Up to and including murder and poisoning and rigging elections.

Why do you like him? Is it some sort of man crush? He'd sooner have you killed than look at you. And in fact most likely respects you less since you are sycophantic toward him and don't have the savvy to see him for what he is.

Hope this helps


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DarthSldious(6) Disputed
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Are you gay for old Putey Poot?

I can't admire his leadership without it being sexual?

Listen, numbnuts...Putin is an old school soviet hardliner nationalist who will and has used any means necessary to attain his agenda.

You're having trouble hiding your jealousy, aren't you?

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AlofRI(3259) Clarified
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"Leadership"?? Instilling fear is NOT leadership, it's a crime against humanity! If you like his "leadership", try getting a Second Amendment under him! Try getting a FIRST Amendment under him. Try controlling your own life under him! TRY! Living under his leadership TRY to find freedom.

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@ DarthSldious - I always have to laugh when some idiot posts a picture of Putin with his shirt off.

Are you playing with yourself when you stare at the bare chested Putin?

If you don't think you're gay, better think again.

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JoliesGoblin Disputed
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Why is that? Is there something wrong with being gay? & how do you know what the picture is when it didn't come up? Because you are Darth Sidious, & you didn't realize the picture didn't take.

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Rusticus(2057) Clarified
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Didn't take? I don't know what's wrong with your computer but it certainly "took" on mine in fact it fills the screen.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being gay, I'm saying if he thinks he's straight (and a lot of Reich wing Putin lovers do) he'd best think again.

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No, of course not Comrade, almighty supreme leader Putin is best leader of ever. Putin is no fascist comrade, I am as American Citizen very convinced of this fact, and also that anyone who says this argument against me, I will knowing the other way. I am English teacher living in Happy American town, and I am for sure Putin is not fascist dictator, more like big fuzzy friend, ready to go and fishing with you and friends your.

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The fact is that liberalism is based on twisting reality into non reality. Men are supposed to act like girls. Women are supposed to act like men. & if a man acts like a man, that just will not do, especially if you need a narrative to attack the right with.

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