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Nom says Jesus was a Socialist, then says Christianity is unnatural

He's ill

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He's not bright bront

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I have to agree with Nom in this case. Jesus OBVIOUSLY had "socialist tendencies" and they were evident in most of his (alleged) actions or statements.

As far as Christianity being "unnatural", ANY child born that was not "educated" in the Christian mantra, would have NO knowledge of the Christian "god" by the time he was an adult. In like manner, a Muslim would have the same result regarding Allah or Mohammad. Therefor, neither can be considered "natural".

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Jesus as God in Human flesh, is above all political labels, but I would describe Jesus as an independent. If Jesus challenged religious authorities, what make Mr. Nom Noms think Jesus would be bound by political ideology? Jesus is the Law Giver, and HE makes the Law!

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The reason for this is due to poor old broken down Nom's dual-personalty schizophrenia.

The ever present demons are lodged deep in his psyche and cause him to perceive the world to be full of Nazis most of whom are Hitler lookalikes.

His troubled soul bubbles with hatred and resentment at the solace and inner contentment people enjoy from their faith in Christianity.

Nom's legions of puppet accounts, contradictory statements and his Tourette syndrome all bear witness to his diseased mind.

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Bootstrap(226) Disputed
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The reason for this is due to poor old broken down Nom's dual-personalty schizophrenia.

No, the reason for this is that Bronto is merging together two different arguments made by two different people. You don't get to pretend everybody who disagrees with your neo-Nazi racist bullshit is the same person and then use schizophrenia as an explanation when you are proven wrong.

You're a pathetic little lying fascist, who follows me around all day like a dog begging for attention, on your CocoPops account, and then you actually have the audacity to accuse me of using puppet accounts.

What a fucking loser. You're literally pathetic.

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This Socialist speaker asked the audience three questions...

1) If a person owns two homes, what is wrong with him giving one of his homes to someone who needs it more? He does not need two homes correct?

The crowd erupts in applause screaming yes yes yes!

2) If a person owns two cars, what's wrong with him giving one of his cars away to someone who needs it? The audience once again applauds with agreement.

3) If a person owns two chickens, what's wrong with giving one chicken to someone else who needs it? Dead silence! Not a peep out of the audience.

The speaker whispered to another on the stage. Why aren't they applauding this time? The person told him, THEY have two chickens! They don't care about other people having to give away a second home or car, because that does not affect them!

When you get down to their level, they don't want to give more of their hard earned money or chickens to someone else!

There in lies the truth of Socialism. It is fine when YOU don't have to give your hard earned money to support illegal immigrants, or those who refuse to work.

As long as it's the other guy who must pay more, Democrats are fine with it.

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