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 Non Binary is a valid identity. (1)

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Non Binary is a valid identity.

I see a lot of people that are against non binary people existing tend to be cis people, so I gonna explain myself from my own experiences and see if this makes more sense than just assuming what it’s about.
I am non binary, I do not totally feel like a woman or a man. No, I do not feel this way because of how masculine/feminine I am. I know that masculinity/femininity, clothing styles, and personal preferences don’t equal gender, and I have never said that they do. I’m non binary because deep down when people call me a woman or a man I just know they’re wrong, it’s just a deep gut feeling. That’s also how I’d describe my dysphoria (and yes, for the trans people that don’t believe were legit, we feel dysphoria too.) my dysphoria is just a deep feeling of discomfort when I see my female chest, which I relive by binding, and when people call me by the wrong pronouns and titles, which I relieve by calmly correcting them.
I’m not doing this for attention, if I had the choice to just be a cis girl or just be a trans boy, I’d take it in a heartbeat, being non binary isn’t a fun, trendy thing, and people need to stop acting like it is.
So there’s mt explanation, if you believe differently I’d love to hear why.
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This post gave me cancer.