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 Non activist Gays have gotten a bum rap from these LGBT activists. (1)

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Non activist Gays have gotten a bum rap from these LGBT activists.

Gay people once married at a much greater rate, having children and wives, even though they may have had a fetish for the same sex.

They at least had somewhat of a normal life with loving kids and a wife, regardless their unnatural attractions.

Today, activist LGBT groups have shamed these people out of the closet to enjoy an epidemic of Aids, and one broken relationship after the next.

Yes yes, I know there are a few committed relationships, but they are the exception.

The problem being that when boys grow up, they find out that living with Dad no longer works out so good. Two male personalities do not fit well together. Two dominate male personalities would more often butt heads.

You ask how I come to these conclusions? Look around, see for yourself how often we find life long committed Gay relationships.

There are also men who have attractions for children, animals, corpses, multiple wives, etc. etc., but they choose to live a normal life with a wife and kids, not giving in to their unnatural attractions.

Today's Left and activist LGBT groups tell Gays to flaunt their lifestyles no matter how many parents are offended. They scream BE WHO YOU ARE, no matter if it goes against the Science of Biology. They say push it into our public schools, indoctrinate those impressionable children against the parent's will.

Don't get me wrong, it is none of my business how you live your lives, and I would never try to prevent your freedoms to live as you choose. My beef is with the LGBT activist groups controlling the Democrat Party and forcing their agendas into every aspect of our lives, our schools, our Girl's sports, our State's rights, etc.

It has become political, and these angry groups are giving Gays, who respect the right of others to disagree, a bad name.

I always say it takes respect for other's beliefs, if you expect respect for your own.
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Now we will hear from Liberals on this site telling us how Christians hate Gays. This is why I try and ban the deceptive ones.