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Oedipus Complex (Heterosexual) Gay Man Wanting to be Free
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Norman Bates

If you have seen the movie, "Psycho," was Norman Bates a heterosexual who had a severe Oedipus Complex or was he a Gay man who was trying to rebel from his dominating Mother?

Oedipus Complex (Heterosexual)

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Gay Man Wanting to be Free

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Oedipus complex is where you want to kill your father and have sex with your mother. I suggest you study psychology before making stupid mistakes like this.

Side: Gay Man Wanting to be Free
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Your correct about Oedipus Complex but what makes you think Norman Bates is gay? Where has he been portrayed this way? I've seen the films, the TV series and read the books there has never been any mention of him being gay, lots of mention of an unhealthy obsession with his mother and murdered father though.

It's closer to Oediepal

Side: Oedipus Complex (Heterosexual)