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Well, we begged for it. We will take care of it- Trump
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North Korea: Is America ready for a Nuke!!

Yesterday i celebrated my birthday.. yay!! but don't trust i can celebrate it next year if i should move to the US. While Waiting for it, i might rather get a nuke as a present from kim_jong_un.
However my music role models(one of) Shawn Corey Carter popularly known as Jay Z celebrates it too on the same date with me, that's the fun part about it,  sad thing he is in America, and might not be celebrating with him next year. 
Many createdebators wont be alive.
A barefooted man is not afraid of a man in shoes and that is North Korea and America respectively.
Estimated deaths if north korea's nuclear site is attacked is 2.1million American soldiers and south Koreans, and 7million injuries, that is minus China and Russia getting involved and North korea getting a chance to fly several nukes to America before it's nuclear missle site is captured.
I like how Americans put their bet on trump and under estimate other countries.
You all Americans better start using your very last dime into customising the finest coffins for you and your kids.
A word to the wise....

Well, we begged for it.

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We will take care of it- Trump

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Mar-a-Lago is. ........................................................................................

Side: Well, we begged for it.

I may not be a fan of Trump but in your analogy, who kicks the other more brutally? The one with shoes.

Side: We will take care of it- Trump
jeffreyone(1368) Clarified
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The point in the Analogy is. A barefooted man got nothing to lose and wouldn't hesitate to get more dirty.

It's a chinese proverb

Side: Well, we begged for it.
GoodListener(625) Clarified
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There are many proverbs that are not at all accurate when you think about them. Many contradict other proverbs too.

You may have less to lose but I can win the fight as no matter how dirty you get, I can get dirtier and have harder kicks and stomps to break your shin and toes with.

Side: Well, we begged for it.
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If America shoots first then we have a problem. Enough countries know that if NK has the notion to nuke USA first then they will be next and IF America falls after the first attack, N.K will be going down shortly after. If America doesn't fall then N.K will be gone much sooner. As much as I think Kim Jong-Un is pushing the limits, I do think he has a few connected brain cells left. Attacking first will not assure his survival.

Side: We will take care of it- Trump
jeffreyone(1368) Clarified
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you are among the rare americans who have a clear mind and have the balls to come on here. (you have no balls but you are still here lol)Good job.

Side: Well, we begged for it.
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This is a problem that was ignored by my goverment the US for decades. During the Korean war there would have been no North Korea if China had not pushed back. The U.S. can not just attack the North without China backing our actions. You can see why Trump is so friendly with China. Trump may have overcome that final step and is preparing to attack. One thing is for certian. The US will not nuke the north as it would leave the whole area usless for redevelopement. The South wants to resettle the north but it can't do that if we nuke it. I guess my point is that there are more nations with intrests in the region and it is not as simple as US firing nukes at the North.

Side: We will take care of it- Trump