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 Not one Democrat voted to cut taxes on the lower and middle class workers! Why? (7)

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Not one Democrat voted to cut taxes on the lower and middle class workers! Why?

I thought I would give the top ten excuses why not one Democrat voted to cut the working man's taxes...

1) I spent all day searching for more Russian collusion conspiracies against Trump.

2) I had to attend Planned Parenthood's ten millionth abortion ceremoney. The ceremoney was held at the tomb of the uknown baby.

3) I had to attend Harvey Weinstein's Hollywood extravagansa celebrating women's rights.

4) I was attending ground breaking ceremonies at the first Public school forced to allow so called Transgender boys in your daughter's bathrooms.

5) I was picketing a Christian owned family business that refused to deny his faith when saying no to a Gay wedding reception.

6) I was at a duel fund raiser simultaneously bringing awareness to cruelty to animals, while supporting women's right to dismember viable late term babies for any reason up to birth.

7) I had to trim my nails that day.

8) I was attending a Stake Burning ceremoney with an effigy of Trump.

9) I was too tired after a long midnight vigil fighting for the sanctity and right to life for mass murderers.


10) drum rollllllllllllllllllllllll..... I was too busy that day sexually harassing women I supposedly care about.

So come next election, I want all the voters who kept more of their own hard earned money, to remember who voted for their well being rather than the well being of some special interest groups. Which Party truly cares for the middle class? Which Party always lies to your face and tells you the GOP tax cut was only for the rich. Remember who the liars are when voting.

Trump and the Republican Party stayed true to their word and gave the working man a tax cut! They understand the real drivers of our economy and it is not the able bodied dead beats using our social programs. Democrat priority is always backwards! They constantly incourage lazy irresponsible lifestyles, while punishing responsible hard working Americans.

Repubicans would rather you find a working career verses a career on welfare.
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Eight years of Obama and the new age Democrat Party, and the results were record numbers on food stamps, record numbers on welfare, record numbers of broken homes.

The Democrat Party understands that the more broken homes there are, the more Democrat voters there are.

Trump wants to make America great again for all Americans, and the Democrat party wants to transform America to a socialist welfare State.


Cuaroc(8840) Clarified
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As our stockmarket keeps breaking records, with middle class 401k accounts growing, with our unemployment rate at record lows, with ISIS finally driven out of their strongholds, with Americans no longer penalized for not buying health insurance, etc. etc.,

I wonder when fake news can no longer even stand listening to it's own fake news? It's becoming embarrassing.


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Oh boy looks like FromWithin is even more unhinged then usual.

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I thought I would give the top ten excuses why not one Democrat voted to cut the working man's taxes...

Hello From:

Here's my excuse for not supporting it.. It's built on a hope and a prayer.. In order to work, certain things have to happen in the future.. IF they do, Trump's plan is great.. If they DON'T, $1.5 TRILLION will be added to the debt, NOT a single job will be created, and the wealthy will get a whole lot wealthier.. Plus, if some future congress doesn't make the personal tax cuts PERMANENT, middle class taxes will go UP..

Did they tell you this on FOX News?

By the way, one of those hopes is that right wingers will create jobs instead of just putting the money in their pockets.. I've explained to you that cutting taxes does NOTHING to increase demand, and companies ONLY hire when demand goes up.. You DO understand that, don't you? It's VERY right wing thinking..

The other thing that has to happen is that the economy has to sustain growth at 4%.. We haven't EVER sustained growth at 4%.. And, there's NO reason why we're gonna do it now..

Did FOX News tell you that??


PS> Of course, I woulda said this on YOUR thread, but you BANNED me..

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I think it's safe to say FromWithin hasn't even read the bill and is just taking Fox news's word as gospel.

marcusmoon(586) Clarified
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I think it's safe to say FromWithin hasn't even read the bill and is just taking Fox news's word as gospel.


I read the bill. I had to track back and forth from it to the rest of the tax code, but it is pretty simple.

Fox News accurately reported, and correctly transmitted what the Tax Bill actually contains.

The checks I did assumed no itemization-just standard deductions and deductions for state property/income taxes, and health care insurance payments being pre-tax.

It will not hurt the bottom half of earners because they already pay no federal income tax. In most cases it will increase the EIC income payment (refund in excess of what was paid) by over $2000.

The charges that it will hurt the poor are completely false.

People in wasteful and high-tax states (California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois) may pay more in taxes in some cases, but only if their property taxes and state income taxes are more than $12,000/year for a single person, or $24,000/year for married couples.

In general, the middle class looks like it will do really well. Childless people do not do as much better as parents, but people with kids make out like bandits.

The rich get decent tax cuts, but the top 25% pay almost all federal income tax, anyway. That is where most taxes are, so that is where most tax cuts are going to be.

EldonG(550) Clarified
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You left out the part about those parts being temporary, and the deficit going through the roof.

Cuaroc(8840) Clarified
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Which is weird since he rarely takes the bibles gospel as gospel.