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Nothing is ever going to get done, anywhere, if all we try to do is win an argument.

I'm not just talking about America, but every country in the world.

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You are absolutely correct, cats, but at the same time it isn't as simple as holding hands and pretending we all agree.

The irony is that in theory we could all agree if we wanted to, because in the objective world there is usually only one truth. But I think the problem is that we have introduced self-interest into the objective world, and some (many) of us have developed the subliminal habit of distorting truth when we discover it is not perfectly aligned with our own self-interests and/or belief structure.

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Antrim(1297) Disputed
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@ Nimbertwos;-Absolute bullshit.

''Only one truth'' you say.

Whose truth would that be?

The truth that there is a God?

The truth that the Christian God is the only true God?

The truth that Allah is the only true God?

The truth that Gods don't exist?

Did you never hear of dialetheism you fucking benighted mother fucking dimwit?

There is your truth, my truth and their truth.

The absolute truth is that you have 95% of the world's shit stuffed into your head.

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Daegonius(331) Disputed
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Hey doofus, reality doesn't care what anyone believes. Just because humans don't know the truth and disagree about what they think is the truth doesn't mean there isn't a truth.

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Agreed, another point is that so much of the subliminal habit has been stimulated (in many), by the hate and distorted "truth" being spread on, etc. by our "friends" under Putin. It is "perfectly aligned" with those who hate the American Government. There are too many who still have confidence in America to bend to this propaganda! MAGA is a tool to undermine an already great country, and multiply its problems, pit two factions against each other, divide and conquer! We need to take care of our deficiency's, not make America over!

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Ok you win. Now go make me a sandwich...

Go on.....................

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Oh, something will get done all right.

Death.... Decay.... Destruction....

That is actually what a lot of people are going for. You aren't going to get rid of those people.

A vote for anarchy is a vote for fire, and when fire takes office, the office burns!

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