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 Now that is a White Family -- Are you Leftist confused yet (2)

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Chinaman(3570) pic

Now that is a White Family -- Are you Leftist confused yet

5 people in the picture they are all White People 
Does this mean that President Walter and his family are all White People?
WHOA now i thought you Leftist didn't like White People?
What's up with all that nonsense you Leftist Idiots?
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What is the problem with the picture there Leftist? Might you know?

A Black Woman tried for the presidency so what you liars are saying is that you are RACIST

Leftist you cannot escape the Twisted World that you exist in and you Leftist are too STUPID too understand your own world

Must be a tough existence for you MORONS

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Hay Leftist don't miss the Presidental Seal right there on the door of Air Force One

Oh by the way the President Walter likes to burn the Dreaded Fossil Fuel once again Walter shows you Low Life Leftist for idiots that you ARE