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An anarchist's dream. Come on-on-on-on in.
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Now that the U.S, has lost control of its borders what do think will happen next?

Demob the police.
Demolish ''The Wall''.
Disband ICE.
Increase corporation tax to 95% and to 99% for anyone earning over $100k per annum.
Turn the centres of all our major cities into refugee/street people camp sites.
All convicted criminals of color to be released, regardless of the severity of their crime,  and paid compensation for false arrest and being victims of racism.
This of course would only be a start. 

An anarchist's dream.

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Come on-on-on-on in.

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If current trends continue then the aforementioned nightmare scenarios will all, along with many others, become STARK realities very soon.

We're well on our way.

Yipeeeeeeeee, SLAP IT UP YE.

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The progressive lefties, the illegal immigrants and darkies have already designed a badge which all white people will be compelled to wear when in public, just as the Nazis made the Jews display '' The Jewish Identifying Badge''.

Think this sounds far-fetched?, HEY DUMMY the establishment of this state of anti-white oppression is at an advanced stage. Hadn't you noticed?

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For a long time this nation has been been what the Irish call an Open House;-


With their pots & pans, diseases and fleas the filth of the failed nations of the world have heard ''The call of Biden'' and are already streaming across our southern border or are scurrying as fast as their little legs will carry them towards your district right now.

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