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He's white she's native She didn't actually prove it
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Obama has more white dna than Warren has Native dna.

He's white she's native

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She didn't actually prove it

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The following are more white than she is Cherokee:


Bob Marly and Ziggy Marly

Frederick Douglas

Snoop Dogg (who is also more Native American)

Charles Barkley (also more native)

Most actually. Most black Americans are more white than Warren is red. Americans on average are more Native American than her. Her white DNA is so white that she could be endorsed by Richard Spencer for her white “purity”.

I wish the race Olympics were just over. Fuck this game. If you ever have to check a box for race, everyone should just check “other”. Fuck up their stats.

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And when you realise Trump is part of the 'game' and has had many dinner parties and sponsored the campaigns of the Clintons (sponsoring her vs Obama in 2012 but not 2016) you'll start to realise that the Republicans are simply the dumber brand of corruption and not the heroes you thought them to be.

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Amarel(5386) Clarified
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Quote or STFU. I voted against Trump. I’m somehow always mistaken for someone else. Have you seen Outlaw’s rants against me lately? He thinks I’m lefty.

When I look around at who is playing the race game, I don’t just watch the media, I watch the people around me. I’ve probably met 1 to 5 white racists in my life. The rest of the racists, the vast majority in life and in the media, are not on the right. Most of them aren’t even white.

I don’t know how a blindingly white lady claiming to be red with an army of political support makes her opponents the dumber brand of corruption.

Also, Trump doesn’t unify the Republicans. The crazy left does.

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