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 Obama links terrorism to Climate Change,1st and 2nd Amendment (4)

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Obama links terrorism to Climate Change,1st and 2nd Amendment

President Barack Obama linked “climate change” and the Second Amendment to the threat of Islamic terrorism - which he described as “violent extremism” at Macdill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL. today. Obama claimed that Islamic terrorism was partly driven by food and water scarcity brought about by anthropogenic global warming. The Second Amendment - or at least its current interpretation by the Supreme Court and Congress - also facilitated Islamic terrorists’ designs by supposedly making it easier for them to procure firearms, said Obama. Free speech and expression online, Obama continued was also a driver of Islamic terrorism by preying on what he described as “impressionable minds." 

Obama continues his "Blame Game" to refuse to see Islamic Terrorism as for what it is. His attack on the Bill of Rights to justify Islamic Terrorism shows how much of a Narcissistic man he truly is.

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The Idiot known as Obama is a washed up fool who thinks the American people buy into the nonsense that comes out of his stupid mouth !

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I don't think he knows what he's saying half the time and I remember when he was in office he was never done ass kissing muslims and Islam ; the roots of Islamic terrorism are in the Quran it has 164 jihadi verses in it ; it's like Obama and his PC buddies are making excuses and allowances for Islamic terrorism by blaming global warming .

All I can say is, in just a few weeks he will be put to pasture and we can move on to reality-based solutions to real world problems. Good riddance Obama and Hello The Donald.

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I don't think you know what narcissism is.