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Obamacare is largely opposed by Repubs. because:

It is not called “Bushcare” or any name that is derived from a republican administration.

(Before one answers this question, the same might consider the possibility that many, if not most, Republicans are Briar Rabbits.  “Oh, PLEASE don’t throw me into the briar patch.”

Furthermore, remain mindful of the fact that politicians tend to think they were elected to determine what is “best for us all” apart from what the majority of the constituents of their districts demand.)

As for my view, I equate politicians to a cunning salesman.  A salesman persuades his victims to act upon irrational impulses in order to buy products that further his cause despite their cause.

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I agree with you - but not completely.

Just as how consumers don't purchase products solely on the brand.. the public do not create opinions solely due to the name obamacare.

However you can be sure republicans would back insurance/healthcare reforms if it were named bushcare.

Excellent observation. Just as how Obamas skin colour played a major part in the elections.

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... I don't think Obama's skin color played a substantial role in the 2008 election.

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Kinda(1649) Disputed
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..Then you are a fool.

You can't see how his origins and background played a major part in the portrayal of him and his character?

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Because the majority of Republicans still in 2015 do not like ObamaCare because they don't want to see millions of people to finally afford medical insurance.

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I believe you are half right...or perhaps in your case half LEFT? basically I believe that Repubs do not support Obamacare because they feel it will hurt their major donars (big business). Of course you could also argue that by hurting big business you drive additional outsourcing of jobs which might be an impediment to the economy, however basically I believe they see it as their major donars being screwed while at the same time the Democrtic donars of Tort Lawyers being given a HUGE benefit on the backs of taxpayers which will lead to billions in new lawsuits thereby giving the lawyers even MORE to donate to keep Democrats elected.

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Nah, that's not the reason. For one thing, Republicans are the only ones who ever call it "Obamacare". They do that because they want to create this scary image of one man personally dictating who gets what when it comes to healthcare. Rational adults know that image is ridiculous and just call it what it is: insurance reform.

There are two main reasons Republicans are opposed to healthcare reform: 1) they're assholes, and 2) politics -- they thought that by killing the bill they could make Democrats look ineffective. I guess #2 is really just restating #1.

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Jessald, I like your view! I am thinking of this topic for an essay I am writing. Do you know where I could get something in writing on this topic besides mainstream media? I understand, barely, Health Care or Insurance Reform has been important presidential undertakings throughout the history of the U.S. Do you know of any informative and academically appropriate books or other mediums on the subject???

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No... it's opposed by Republicans because ,for the most part, Republicans follow a conservative ideology which is inherently against national healthcare. Not to say that their view is good for the people but, they do have legitimate reasons for opposing Obama's healthcare plan.

Plus, it's natural for the parties to oppose each other on big issues --it's why parties exist.

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Because it kills jobs....... if it does not why all the exemptions. Time told on this one quick.

111 waivers to save their jobs...a job killer
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