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 Obamacare saved lives and conservative prolifers went into a primal scream. (17)

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Obamacare saved lives and conservative prolifers went into a primal scream.

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Obamacare jacked up premiums, stripping tens of millions of the ability to see a doctor because the premiums were so high. It's like killing 50 people to save 10 and bragging that you saved the 10 while ignoring that you killed the 50....

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stripping tens of millions of the ability to see a doctor

Lol. Shut up you lying fucking moron.

Despite dire warnings of a big wave of new patients swamping doctors' offices and disrupting care after getting health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, there was actually a small net decrease in patient visits last year.

"Small net decrease" in doctor's visits = "tens of millions" stripped of the ability to see a doctor = Bronto is a lying little cockroach.

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Pretty simple math isn't it. You put millions on Obamacare, who then all go to the doctor, and then you lose patients in your total of patients. You simply replaced payers with nonpayers.

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Obamacare was passed in 2010 and it’s major provisions fully implemented by 2014. According to the CDC, 2014 life expectancy was 78.8 years, but then it dropped for the first time in decades to 78.7 years in 2015. It was 78.6 years in 2016. Another drop.

Obamacare was not saving lives on net.

And the primal scream is pretty specific to the college left-wingnut snowflakes.

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Obamacare saved my mother

s life when she had cancer.....................................................................................

Amarel(5136) Disputed
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That’s great. If I tell you about my relatives it didn’t save, will I be making a valid point? No. Hardship isn’t insight. But the data from the CDC provides some insight, namely that Obamacare was not saving any more lives than the broken system before.

I am really happy that Your mother's life was saved. However, if Obamacare was to continue, many peoples lives would be lost and at risk in the future because Obamacare

Insurance Costs are too high for the working class to keep up the payments.

Obamacare has Too Many Loopholes to be Effective.

Obamacare Leaves 31 Million Uninsured by 2023

The Obamacare Program Costs Projected Are Above Initial Estimates.

The Program is also Run By the Government.

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That is a conservative lie. Besides, I support single payer................................................

outlaw60(15501) Disputed
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Single payer ???????? What is the single payer as u view it ?????????

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Let's take a look at Obamacare you want to ?

From the above article - There is one thing Republicans usually leave out of their indictment of Obamacare, though: Insurers might have been less likely to exit if more states had expanded Medicaid under Obamacare.

Oh okay so there is no free healthcare !!!!!!!!! LMMFAO

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Just listen to Obama and you want to say this - Obamacare saved lives and conservative prolifers went into a primal scream.

Return your brain for the money back guarantee you will get because it does not function well ROTFFLMMFAO

Of course, Obama healthcare saved lives.

All healthcare worldwide is saving lives.

No one denies that.

Conservatives are demanding that their money and taxes be spent on responsible decisions - One of the major differences between Trump and Oboma is that Trump is cracking down on waste in Abortion costs.

republican conservatives demand that " It is not Your responsibility to pay for my seXual pleasures, adventures and raptures.

I need to save my own money, wait to have seX, be responsible and not steal others hard earned money to fund my seXual pleasures and failures.

Trump's goal - is protecting the little babies that Obama is torturing to death, all at taXpayers expenses.