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Hell yeh! He's a punk!
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Ocho Cinco to the Redskins!?

that man can dance.....

Hell yeh!

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He's a punk!

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The Redskins could definitely use another big play receiver like Chad Johnson to make the offense more explosive. Hopefully now that Gibbs is gone Zorn will spread the field more and Chad Johnson could definitely help them do to so.
Supporting Evidence: Redskins Gab (
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Either him or Randy Moss, I need some more excitement. Between him and Santana, JC will be hailin mary all day. We've tried quick fixes at every other position.
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Definitely! He's a great player and I think being on the Redskins will actually tone down his attitude. The Skins don't need drama to attract fans...they have the best in the NFL already!
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Redskins Suck
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