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 Ok with State's being forced to allow Bigamy? Gay marriage was forced on all States! (11)

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Ok with State's being forced to allow Bigamy? Gay marriage was forced on all States!

Read these facts please...

"Bigamy, or the act of marrying more than one spouse, is illegal in most Western cultures including in Britain. ... Now in the UK bigamy is a crime under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and is punishable by up to seven years in prison.Mar 1, 2018"

So to hypocritical Liberals on the Left who supported forcing every State in the US to allow Gay marriage, why are people who want to have more than one wife, denied what you would call their equal right's to do so?

Why is it that only LGBT issues such as Gay marriage, boys wanting to be girls competing in girls sports, etc. etc. etc., are the stories controlling the headlines, with most other groups getting no mention?

This LGBT fixation has little to do with equal rights. It's purely political! The Democrat Party and the Left has used LGBT activist groups as their political tool in garnering votes.

Marriage is not a right, it's a legal contract, whereby the terms of that legal contract are dictated by each State. LGBT activists scream screw State's rights. WE WILL DICTATE WHAT WE BELIEVE YOUR MARRIAGE LAWS SHOULD BE! NO OTHER GROUPS ALLOWED!
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Funny how the Left is not outraged when other groups, not included in their political base, are denied their so called equal right's of having more than one wife.

I thought it was all about equal rights?

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I'm all for it.

What is the argument against bigamy except that you don't like it?

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You will have to ask Britain and other supposed bastions of equal rights. These Progressive nations are fixated on LGBT issues, but other groups get thrown in jail.

Why is that? Could it all be political? Impossible! Liberals tell us it's all about equal rights.

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Are there still conservatives that value freedom?

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Conservatives of course believe in freedom.

When it comes to issues such as marriage, we support the freedom of people in each State when determining their own laws.

There will always be small segments of the population trying to carve out special exceptions in the laws.

Bigamists would love to force every State to allow the so called equal right of men wanting 30 wives.

Pedophiles would love forcing every State to allow the marriage to consenting children.

People into Necrophilia would want the right to have sex with corpses.

People into Bestiality would want the right to have sex with animals.

So in your wonderful tolerant world of diversity, who decides which unnatural sexual orientation gets to be forced on every State?

Do you want a Big Federal Government deciding these issues for every State?

There obviously has to be laws keeping the natural order to life. People will never completely agree with each other on every issue, and is why the majority will determine their laws, unless of course the law allowed harming others.

Every innocent life should be protected no matter what.

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I want you to answer a question. Why are you not banned from my debate? According to you and others on this site, I ban people for simply disagreeing with me.

Why are you still here?