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Of course.. TRUTH matters No. One must BE polite
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On a debate site, should you call STUPID positions, STUPID???


If you engage in a stupid debate, does that lend credibility to it, or should a credible debater call it out?? 


Of course.. TRUTH matters

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No. One must BE polite

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Yes if you can provide a detailed explaination, with logical evidence. 2+2=5 is stupid, because it is not true.

Side: Of course.. TRUTH matters
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It's obvious. If people are defending a stupid position like for example justifying abortions or you know "gender theory", yeah, the truth is, baby lives matter and there are only two genders; male and female. Washrooms are for men and for women. Both sexes/genders need to be separated, otherwise, you will get peek ins and that's what I call not being polite. Ofc if you don't have common sense, you'd scream otherwise. Yet the TRUTH STILL MATTERS. Just because you tell the truth, it doesn't mean you're not polite. People who get offended by the truth need to suck it up and cry me a river. Truthphobia is real; the irrational fear of the truth and facts. Defending God's truth is not offensive, nor wrong nor stupid. It's justified in an absolute objective way because of the moral values, the love of God and many other things that are positive. Ofc, the average atheist will claim otherwise because again, you are being dumb and indenial.

Side: Of course.. TRUTH matters
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I concur with the sentiment that receiving an education is more of a privilege than a legal requirement. The fact that education is required by law and that no one can be denied access to it is belied by the fact that this is not the case in practice. There are a lot of people who are ignorant of the importance of education and play tic tac toe who believe that getting an education is a waste of time. They do not put their children through formal education and instead force them to help out around the house or in the community in some capacity. There are some people who are so backward that they do not believe it is in the girls' best interest to go to school because they believe it will corrupt them. This accounts for a sizeable portion of the world's population, although only a select few from more privileged backgrounds receive an education.

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