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On a shuttle bus gentlemen would you give up your seat for a lady standing?

Chivalry is gone.

Yes of course

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No why would I?

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Of course, you have to give up your spot on the bus if a lady is standing. Especially if that lady is good looking and it provides the opportunity to start up a conversation. Or if she's old, then you just have to do it out of common courtesy.

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You better.... especially if it's an older or handicap lady. I'm still pretty young and in alright shape, I definitely don't need to sit, but I do appreciate it when a man offers me his seat. It's sweet!

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I'd offer my seat to anyone who'd like to sit down on it. Especially the handicapped or elderly and women who appreciate it. I can stand it, thank God for that.

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Yeah, if she's hot and she's wearing a low cut dress.

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Oh come on, who ever voted me down, are you gay or are you assuming she's wearing a mini skirt instead? In which case I agree, let her stand so I can check out her legs. I'm not going to heaven am I?

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I would give up my seat. I understand the whole "women's rights", and them wanting to be equal, and I agree they should be treated as equal. However, with that being said, I was still raised to be a gentleman, and as a gentleman I'm still going to offer my seat for a lady.

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Women have fought for a long time for equality. This is about equality. I would not give my seat up for another man so why should I give it up for a woman if they are equal?

That is not to say I would not surrender my seat to someone who was elderly (both male or female), on crutches (both male or female) or pregnant (both male or female - I saw that Oprah thing on Youtube).

There is no reason why men should give up their seats for women

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Just because she is a women? No way.

If she is elderly, pregnant, has a kid with her, etc. sure, but just being female does not earn you my seat.

I thought women want to be treated as equals?

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Being of a specific gender shouldn't entitle anyone for special treatment.

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As little as I take the bus I can't say that it's ever entered into my mind to give my seat up for a woman. It's one thing if she is an older lady that needs the seat to ride the bus comfortably, but if she were to be the same age as me I feel like if I attempted to give up my seat for her she would think I'm hitting on her.

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No, I'm a feminist and believe in equality. Chivalry, such as men giving women their seats is anti-feminist.

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Feminism. They have defined such as benevolent sexism, so according to them, such actions are insulting, demeaning and sexist.

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