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 On the TV show "The Voice", a Gay singer thanked the show for letting him use his platform (15)

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On the TV show "The Voice", a Gay singer thanked the show for letting him use his platform

I don't know about you, but I am sick of the radical Left using our entertainment shows as platforms for their political agendas. Just last night, one of the many Gay singers was going to be eliminated from the show, and used his final words to thank the show for allowing him a platform to cheer lead Homosexuality.

There you have it folks, proof that our TV shows are actively pushing LGBTQRSUVWXUZ agendas and indoctrinating our children.

It's called identity politics and if you are of the correct activist group, you get to use national TV shows to indoctrinate our children.

I remember the days of shows like Ed Sullivan, where a parent could watch shows with our children, and not worry about groups pushing their unnatural sexual orientation of the month on our children's ears.

How would you hypocrites like it if these shows allowed contestants to use the national exposure to speak out on Pro Life issues?

These are suppose to be talent shows, and their ability to sing! Not some PC brainwashing.

I for one will stop watching this show. It Is too blatantly in your face with their political agendas.

I have no problem with Gay singers as long as they don't turn it into a platform for conditioning our children to yet one more unnatural sexual orientation. Get over yourselves and stop looking like such insecure cry babies. People might have more respect for you if you did not constantly play the victim.

By the way, the singer was not eliminated from the show. They also have the first Gay couple doing a duet on the show, and another Gay singer. You do the percentages of who makes the show and tell me that they are not pushing an agenda.

If they just sang without giving their Pro Gay political speeches, no one would care what they do behind closed doors.
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Dermot(5796) Banned
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Yes and funny how I’ve seen believers thank god for their gift and give full credit to god for their success on such shows , but that’s different isn’t it?

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Right? It's only insulting when someone says something they disagree with. But you can bet those same people would mock and jeer if someone got upset when a contestant brings religion into it.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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The Right is not trying to push Christianity on Americans through shows like The Voice. We respect that people do not all think alike.

Keep these shows apolitical and start having respect and tolerance for those who do not think like you.

We would not be such a divided nation if the Left was not trying to transform it.

Dermot(5796) Banned
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He’s something else .............................................


FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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So you are comparing a singer spending one second giving thanks to God for their singing ability, with a Gay couple spending the entire introduction explaining their plight as Gay men and how their Gay relationship is a wonderful thing, and how their parents were so supportive of their Gay lifestyles, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Give me a break!

News flash, myself and millions of other Americans do not think Homosexuality is a natural normal sexual orientation and we sure do not want our children being indoctrinated by entertainment programs to believe it is.

I realize the Left is outraged at the thought of their children hearing someone say a prayer in public, but they have no problem pushing their Political correctness through entertainment programming.

Have you ever heard a contestant saying a Prayer on these shows? No, because we are not arrogant extremists constantly trying to force everyone to think like the Left thinks.

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