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One Ohio Now

Their mission is clear: to advocate for a balanced approach to managing Ohio's state budget, one that prioritizes revenue generation over the mere reduction of essential programs and services. One Ohio Now is a formidable coalition consisting of over 100 organizations spanning healthcare, social services, labor unions, civil rights advocacy, and more. 

One Ohio Now emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach to budgeting. Rather than relying solely on budget cuts, they champion strategies that enhance revenue streams, ensuring the sustainability of vital public services. This approach recognizes the diverse needs of Ohio's communities and seeks to address them in a balanced and equitable manner.

One Ohio Now is committed to safeguarding social programs and services that play a pivotal role in the well-being of Ohio's citizens. These programs encompass healthcare, education, workforce development, and more. The coalition advocates for their preservation and improvement, recognizing their importance in building a stronger, more inclusive Ohio.

The strength of One Ohio Now lies in its unity, with a diverse array of organizations working together towards a common goal - to secure a balanced and prosperous future for Ohio. They continue to actively engage with policymakers, advocating for a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to budgeting that benefits all Ohioans.
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