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Online Shops Target Drunk Buyers: Have You Ever Shopped After Drinking?


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I own a Best of Schoolhouse Rock CD, a giant martini glass and a super-realistic chimp mask because of this. No regrets, but I don't think Amazon really targets drunk people...I might be resentful if I woke up and found I'd fallen prey to website specifically trying to get money from drunk people, but it would be my own fault for getting on the computer in that state.

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Ok, this might have to be my New Years resolution. Yes indeed, I have drunk purchased. The best place to do so is because at least you can cancel the order as long as you do the ordering late at night. I have been bruned on eBay where I bid on something and oops, I won the auction...and I didn't even want what I won!

Oh man, this really hurts to have to share that I have done that!

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I suggest having a friend there who knows you don't want to spend more than x amount of dollars...just in case. I would have a whole Star Wars kitchen right now if not for my best friend. There are worse things, but still.

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I bought a years supply of tampons for some reason...don't ask why, even I'm not sure what was going through my head at the time :P

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Personally, I've never shopped after drinking, or if I did, I don't remember it ;)

I will say, however, that this is a brilliant idea.

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I don't drink and never will.

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