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Our current banking/monetary system is corrupt


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Can you offer any examples we can argue over? Please

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What do you have this to compare to.... Technically there is no just society and therefore we can not debate against this. What other system wold there be, specifically, not just a different one, that would solve this problem, if there is one.There have always been problems with systems, but no system can technically be perfect. The monetary system is described as sets of --internationally-- agreed rules, conventions and supporting institutions, that facilitate international trade, cross border investment and generally the reallocation of capital between nation states. It's like arguing that the whole world is corrupt. What is there to compare it to since we know no other system except our world.

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atypican(4874) Disputed
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We don't need a pefectly fair system to compare our current system to, only one that is not blatantly corrupt. So we have basic bartering to compare it to. If I started a barter fair and had products on display as solid gold but the tendered products were in truth only gold plated lead, this would be fundamentally corrupt. Not just more or less unfair like all trade tends to (by nature) be.

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END THE FED!!!! Fractional reserve banking is legalized fraud. Decentralized banking and introduce free market banking.

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MWNLDkg(16) Disputed
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What other system could be put into place that would provide the same benefits as well as being able to support the mass amount of people.

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Also, this topic is not just talking about the United States...

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Yes, but only to the core. Otherwise it's a reputable industry run by those awfully nice chaps in pinstripe suits.

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