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 Our media withheld Trump's locker room talk in primaries to make sure Hillary wins! (3)

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Our media withheld Trump's locker room talk in primaries to make sure Hillary wins!

I realize that the Democrat Party loves havng our national meda on their side and rigging our elections.

The American people should be outraged! When the press withheld tapes of Trump's locker room talk during the Republican primaries, it proves how in the bag for Hillary they are. The press withheld information that would have effected who won the Republican primaries.
They did this to make sure Trump(who they considered the weaker candidate) would win the primaries, and then come out with the sex talk tape during the general election so as to help Hillary win.

Do those who are so easily manipulated by the press, ever get it? Can you grasp how dangerous it is when a nation's press supports one Party?
How would you like it if it were the other way around and the press supported those you don't agree with?

When we look at Russia for example, we wonder why their people have such support for Putin. There's one reason. Those in power control their media!

When a nation's press is in the bag with one Party, that nation has lost it's freedoms. It has lost it's voice.
The opposition is attacked and silenced while the Left's corruption is buried.

I realize that Liberals love having the media on their side, but I would hope that decent freedom loving Americans take a stand and never elect a criminal Hillary, just because the media conditons you to do so.
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The tape comes out and then all these women come out with all these accusations just weeks before the election; it seems orchestrated to me.

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Just imagine how bad off the country would be with Trump if he had to go against a real adversary like Putin or Iran. He can't even win against a few reporters. It scary to imagine what would happen with this loser at the helm.

At least Hillary has proved herself deft and able to manipulate and destroy her enemies. No wonder Putin wants Trump.

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You just proved yourself a leftwing partisan to spew such rhetoric.

The evidence is already in!!!!!!!

Hillary was secretary of state when Putin started flexing his muscles once again. Russia loves weakness and Obama and Hillary were as weak in foreign policy as they come.

Quit spewing pure Democrat propganda.