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Overall democrats don't know what the hell they are talking about?


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Man, aside from my actual point, the English teacher in me just wants to tear apart that sentence up there. Jesus. Anyways, Democrats seem to promote social spending and using the government as a tool to protect those that can't themselves. This in and of itself is not a bad idea. There are a couple simple facts that just make it irrelevant though.

1. The U.S. doesn't really have any money.... what are you suggesting we spend? Hey that Gates guy has a lot of money and likes to blow it on that kind of stuff, and blow. Let's ask him!

2. Some people don't need assistance, or need assistance due to personal mistakes. I hate to be so callous, but for a bunch of atheists espousing their chief responsibility to giving credit to evolution, they really seem to want to get in the way of natural selection. Are you implying that humans are the end all be all to the evolutionary process? And we're worth more than the other animals so we can't let a single human being be subject to the consequences of their mistakes, or even someone else's? Because that's a very arrogant and frankly moronic opinion to have. Don't worry though, the sentiment is shared by a lot of religious conservatives, YOU FRIGGING TOOL.

3. The federal government is simply not adequate at handling social spending. Maybe if the money was given out to the states, based on their populations, and the local governments handled medical care for the poor and people over 65, it would be a lot more efficient.

4. We've been trying to help everybody! It just doesn't work! How much more can you take!? You just keep ceding more power to the Federal government and all it does is grow for the sake of its own growth! It's like a tumor asking you for money to support its cigarette habit! We can fix this but we need to make some cuts, ugly, big, the bad man took my welfare check CUTS! Nothing else is going to get us out of it! What you want to tax the richest 1%? That's great! UNTIL THEY MOVE TO MONACO WITH THAT 98% OF THE COUNTRY'S WEALTH THEY CONTROL! And even if we taxed all those billionaires it would still take years and years of draining every last penny they make to get us out of the red. Face it, we need to reduce the size of the federal government.

Democrats seem to ignore these simple facts. They say "End the deficit!" and "Bring down unemployment!" but they hold signs saying "Don't touch my welfare!" and "Universal healthcare!" You can either be a successful country with a small federal government that spends wisely and takes its place as the owner of the American dream, or you can be Europe. And those assholes SUCK! Except for Portugal. They legalized all drugs. That's pretty cool. But Europe sucks! And for all their taxes and tight regulations their banks are STILL about to COLLAPSE. Jesus Christ wake up people!

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