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POLITICS Andrew Cuomo says pro-lifers are not welcome in the State of New York


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Did you notice how Cuomo stated that Pro Life Conservatives are not who New Yorker's are?

This is the arrogance of the Left. They are so elitist and arrogant, that they believe they will decide who every New Yorker should be! Talk about a Nazi mentality!

These arrogant fools are the biggest danger to our nation's future. This hideous Political correctness is a disease that is spreading every year. Look at how they treat our President when he does not share the Left's radical Liberal ideology. He is demonized as some kind of monster.

These arrogant Democrats actually believe the likes of Trump and Conservatives do not belong in America.

Is this what the Left calls inclusiveness and tolerance for diversity? The Democrat Party has become a threat to everything America has stood for.

These hypocrites complain about border walls keeping illegal immigrants out, but it is they themselves who say Conservatives have no place in America.

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If I want to wear a prolife t shirt in New York that is my body. Don't I have the right to my body? He has no right to violate the First Amendment. Where are your papers?! Liberal fascists!

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I sent him a peaceful and nonthreatening email. Here is what I said: I am an ovovegetarian animal rights activist, antiwar, antigun, pro free healthcare and birth control, antideath penalty, I just don't believe in killing something human or animal. It is hypocritical and statist for you to ban me from your state like you think NY is your personal property, and if this is how you plan on behaving, I WON'T come until you are PEACEFULLY removed from office. I would be abusive or crude, but YOU sure are overstepping NYer's First Amendment rights. Is this how you treat people you claim to represent? FYI, if I was not disabled, I woul come anyway and PEACEFULLY protest! Jesus bless you, for I don't have the fortitude. The preceeding speech is legally protected by the First Amendment right to redress of grievances, free speech, and religious liberty. No legal damages shall be incured by myself or my associates. Peace to you, sir, and have a very nice day!

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I self identify as pro-life, so they can't touch me or they are violating my right to self identify as the gender called "pro-life".

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