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P!nk is one of the most respectable artists ever...

Yes she is

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No, _______ is.

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I personally think she is. She has an amazing voice and you can tell she doesn't just sing because she gets paid for it. She actually sings because she likes it and her songs have a story behind them and have meaning to other people around that listen to her. P!nk is just an all around amazing singer/ person.

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Firstly, it depends on what you mean by this but as I read it...

I'm on this side not because I disagree, and I do, it's because music is very personal. What I find respectable in an artist you may not and vice versa. I was guilty of music snobbery for quite a long time, and if there is one thing I've learned it's that everyone is different in what they like, even down to "Scene aficionados", they'll bicker and fight about the more minute details, but it's really the same impulse.

Sounds are vibrations of the air molecules around you, your brain computes these vibrations into structured sounds that appeal to you or don't. Just because one likes one set of sounds over another does not render their selection anything but that. Labels are placed on everything by people in order to fit things into place, and that is where music,(like all arts), should not be.

So you may think Justin Bieber or P!nk is cool, or you may think that Zeppelin were the classical composers of the rock and roll genre, or you may think that the telletubbies make a mean tune, the only thing is, Art is only Art if someone thinks it is, so anyone that expresses themselves, even if they are the only ones witnessing it are artists and have an audience. All are equally valid to those to which they appeal, it is only in an effort to conform is art really restrained, so I'd not let anyone tell me what to like.

So, no, I don't think that P!nk is one of the most respectable artists ever, but that's only because I was attracted to something else, but if you do, that's cool, I'm sure you have your reasons, and I'll probably never know them. It's just good to be open to the things that make you happy.

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