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Human nature can accommodate peace. To be human is to love, and to love is to hate. For when you grow attached to others, you will inevitably turn to despair and hatred when you lose them, especially when they are taken from you as my family and friends were taken from me. This is true pain, to feel that pain is to be human. When everyone knows this pain, they will finally understand each other, and all our differences will be set aside. The answer to peace is for everyone to know pain, and share that pain equally. In order to create world peace, there first much be such utter devastation that everyone on earth knows the true nature of pain. 
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Current data shows this to not be the case, as a vast majority of violent criminal offenders (including rapists, serial killers, and terrorists) experienced traumatic events in their early lives. There is also evidence suggesting abused children are likelier to grow into abusive adults later in life. Your claim has no basis in assuming extreme trauma enhances one's ability to empathize; and your own personal accounts are meaningless, as is all anectodal evidence.


Yeah, that's pretty much what I tried to tell him.