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 Palin is a smart woman? (6)

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Palin is a smart woman?

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Palin is not as stupid as she is portrayed. The media of the united states is owned by liberals. no wonder they made palin look stupid.It is not rite. Palin is a good woman the media doesn't want you to know that.

Side: palin was portrayed wrong
Ledfoot(133) Disputed
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The media is definatley not owned by liberals. And she is pretty dumb, McCain would have won if he hadn't chose her. The only reason he did was to look good choosing a woman.

Side: Pretty dumb for a vice president
Cerin(203) Disputed
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Palin doesn't need any help making herself look dumb. They have her on record, on video, saying some pretty stupid things. She's the female equivalent of Bush.

Sarah Palin on Alaska Foreign Relations
Side: Pretty dumb for a vice president

If Sarah Palin isn't the dumbest women I've ever heard she's close to it. If she were smart she would not have been so blinded by the headlights of her nomination and come out with some of her own intellectual expertise during campaign time. She didn't do that. Instead she thought she'd slide in on McCain coattails which had been cut off because of some of his stands on various items and the fact that GW made a mess of the GOP by his presidency.

Side: Pretty dumb for a vice president
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I bet you thought the Know-Nothing party was dead, didn't you? :P

Side: Pretty dumb for a vice president

No. She lost the election in 2008 and she remains to be a sore loser.

Side: Pretty dumb for a vice president