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Parents hindering their children's individuality and freedom of expression

Ok, so my parents always used to never used to let me express myself, and I was just wondering really...

Fine, they are the parents

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Let the kids speak!

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I cant speak for all parents but I think for the most part parents want to teach their children what they think is right and safe so they can go into the world and make good decisions. Keep in mind that parents are people not to long ago they were your age and probably feeling the same way you do, about their parents. They probably did stupid crazy unsafe things that they will never tell you about in the hopes that you will be better then they were. I remember when I was in my teens saying to myself that when I have kids that they can eat candy when they want, go to there friends when they want and a number of other things but parent hood changes you like nothing els. There is no love in the world like that of a parent for their child, a laid back person can become a tangled ball of stress and anxiety over all the potential dangers to there child.

I'm not saying that you should do whatever they say but the best thing to do is love them for their good intentions and go out and live your own life and its probably best if they don't know EVERYTHING you are doing;)

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There's a clean and clear line between expressing yourself, and deciding that you want a mohawk and 40 facial piercings because all the other kids are doing it. If my children have something to say, I want to hear it, but when it comes to tattoos and body piercings that I don't feel are conducive to a good upbringing, they can get that when they pay their own rent. Until dice. Believe it or not, kids don't always know what's best for them.

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i was reading some of Murray Rothbard's beliefs (thanks to PrayerFails) and he said that kids should have the right to run away and find better parents.

How brilliant it is, and how insane many people will find that theory.

but with the threat of running away, it would create competition in the parental world. All of a sudden, you have to TRULY be fit to be a parent. The only enforcement, after that, would be to make sure that children are not being held against their own will (like raped in a dungeon), but we do that already...

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like raped in a dungeon

Hahahahaha! Couldn't stop laughing XD

Don't suppose you have seen this have you?

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Never saw it, but I could hardly understand it.


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Coming from a life where my parents were often incorrect, or downright asinine, I can complete and utterly say that not letting kids speak their minds is a terrible thing to do. I would often argue with my parents about things they were entirely wrong about - whether it was something I was being accused of, or something I wished to do that they didn't want me to (No, not drugs). Think about it. Merely because they are one's parents, does this mean they are correct all the time?

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