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Jordan had covid in the summer Tribal politics at its worst.
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Party over health? Republican, Anti mandate vaccination Jim Jordan had the disease.

Anti covid-19 vaccination is the most effective measure in fighting this deadly Chinese disease.
In any situation which poses a health emergency or safety risk for the general public there will always be *the bloody minded dissenters* who will, for no good reason, oppose the advice of the relevant experts and by doing so endanger the lives of literally millions of their fellow citizens. 
Such renegades must be compelled to join the rest of the nation and be forced to take the vaccination. 

Jordan had covid in the summer

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Tribal politics at its worst.

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If the the welfare of the nation was at the heart of the Republican Party's political framework they would ditch their object to everything DImocrat approach, and support the compulsory inoculation of all citizens along with those living illegally in the country.

This emergency must be attacked on a united front including all political parties, church leaders and all those who can sway public opinion.

If this fails, then, as IN ANY WAR SITUATION the dissenters must be rounded up, physically restrained and vaccinated.

Laws would need to be fast tracked through congress that would stop any subsequent litigation by the dissenting lowlifes.

Side: Jordan had covid in the summer
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The vaccination program has stalled and needs A SHOT IN THE ARM to get it back on track again.

Side: Tribal politics at its worst.