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Peace In Slavery

So there's a weird sort of problem we run into whenever we look at our concepts of freedom and compare it to all of our governments. Even as a child growing up here in the GOOD 'OL USA, we're made to believe that this the land of the free. I don't necessarily disagree. I mean, I'm pretty thankful to have all of the opportunities and choices that I do. But freedom isn't exactly well, something that you can just give people. You have to take it. And that's the thing -- our societies and governments are literally the things that consume freedom. We fear the loss of control so much, but we give it up every day. Whether or not you think that's bad is up to you. Sometimes it's great, I think. But let me get to the point:


If you've read books like Anthem and The Giver(I had to, and I didn't exactly like it), then you know where this is going. But I want you to really reflect on this instead of just giving your opinion straight from the hip; because this is supposed to make you think. There's nothing like grinding your gears on some moral question like this.

Assuming at some point in the future, the technology and science is available: You're given the option to give up all of your freedoms utterly, but in exchange, you'll be given absolute peace of mind and happiness. You'll be so drugged up and out of your mind that you won't care a bit. Your life will pass by like a summer breeze and you'll never know pain again.


Would you, at some juncture in your life, highs and lows included, take this option? And if you can answer that, would you condone it, if not giving in yourself?


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Come on Hommie, it's bliiiiiiisss.

Soma is delicious. And I get it from my big brother.

Okay, seriously; would taking this option be irreversible?

Or would it be like, you can take a pill each day to accomplish the effect?

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My personal philosophy and my American ambition pretty much forces me to resist any sort of peace of mind anyways. So really, even if this would be the better alternative, and even if I wish I can just make everything a little easier every now and then, I honestly think I'd probably just say no.

I would, however, condone the practice. Mostly for people who would otherwise blow their own brains out. Population control is nice, in the morbid sense, but when you can have a free workforce that won't even mind the labor, you can't really go wrong.

I know this is a cheap short answer; I'm tired and it's four in the morning. Plus I'm a hypocrite.

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sauh(1106) Clarified
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How is population control morbid?

I know, off topic.

I am used to doing that when the debate topic is boring. But since this topic is actually interesting; I'll retract the question.

I kinda look like a dick here; but since this topic is actually interesting, not many people will see it.

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Freedom is the highest of virtues. I wouldn't give mine up so freely.

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