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People Who Can't Speak English Shouldn't Be Allowed To Vote

Why should people who don't speak English be allowed to vote? If they can't understand the language of the new country they chose to live in, how can the understand the issues and make an intelligent decision in the voting booth? If you rely on translation, something is always lost. If you rely on one side or the other in the political spectrum to tell you what's what, there will always be a bias.

So, the upshot: if you don't what to take the time to learn the language of your new chosen country, you shouldn't have a say-so in the voting booth.

That was easy.

No English, No Vote

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No Hablo Ingles

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People Who Can't Speak English Shouldn't Be Allowed To Vote

Hello, H:

Ok, then what about the people who can't READ English??

In Meyer v. Nebraska, the court ruled that “the protection of the Constitution extends to all,—to those who speak other languages as well as to those born with English on the tongue.” (262 U.S. 390). Similar anti-Japanese laws were invalidated by the court in Farrington v. Tokushige in 1927 (273 U.S. 284).

There it be, all written out for ya. You're welcome.


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HighFalutin(3402) Clarified
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I'm not saying they can't speak other languages, I'm saying if they can't understand English, they have to rely on others to tell them what's what.

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Another-Alt(237) Disputed
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Ok, then what about the people who can't READ English?

Stop pretending you aren't one of those people. You interpret the words "You're not Jewish" as "I hate Jews".

Also, stop signing your posts "Excon" and start signing them, "Current halfwit".

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What about illiterate deaf mutes?

Successive governments, but mainly the DImocrats have swamped the country with greasers and Asians who can't, and probably never will be totally, or even partially literate in English.

If we remove the right for these Johnny Foreigners to vote they will never feel part of the community in which they live and become EVEN MORE violent and lawless.

By permitting our politicians to swamp our country with the world's filth all we can do is engage in a DAMAGE LIMITATION STRATEGY which includes granting the lowlifes the right to vote.

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Firstly, when we look at the world; why do so many people come to America because of freedom. Now in this argument, my opponent thinks that people without the capability to speak Ingles / English should not be able to vote, which is absurd because the rights of the people are protected but here one pretty major right of the people is being thrown to the side. Today, all who cannot speak English should have the liberty to vote and to choose and make their own decisions on who will lead their country.

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Everyone has the right to be represented in the government that governs them.

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