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People Who Practice Urine Therapy Should Be Legally Required To Tell You Before Kissing

In some places of the world, people engage in the ancient and barbaric practice of urine therapy. Urine therapy is the belief that one's own urine contains necessary antibodies for warding off illnesses. Some people engage in the practice of drinking their own urine as a medicinal therapy. While the rest of the civilized world considers this to be entirely vulgar, everyone is entitled to make their own choices. Should those who practice urine therapy be required to tell you before they kiss you? And does it make a difference if it's a "French" kiss involving the tongue or just a lip kiss?


Yes, full disclosure

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No, right to privacy

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Why stop there?

Why not include outdated food and raw meat?

And better yet, a person should tell you if they ate carbs, sugar or fat that day, before kissing.

I would personally not like to kiss a person who drank his own urin, or anyone else's for that matter.

But to make a law like that is kind of .. stupid. Because there isn't really more bacteria in a glass of urin, than there is in raw chicken.

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Is there any health risk? If not, then there is really no reason other than the idea that some people might not approve. There are lots of things people do with their mouths, and I see no reason for them to tell you what they had for breakfast last week before they kiss you.

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Wait, why are your teeth brown?

It's just chocolate.

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Urine is a distilled water...a living - super food ... body makes ones most perfect medicine to heal any disease ...cures cancer and tumors... we were all urine therapists in our mothers womb.... we breathed urine for 9 is urine that helped create our bodies...and can recreate our bodies if sick or injured more info: Andrew Norton Webber w' Lisa Harrison - YouTube

Side: No, right to privacy

You gotta love freedom, people! We live in a world where we can actually debate the efficacy of drinking your own piss, complete with footnotes and links! That's freedom!

Side: No, right to privacy

It shouldn't be a legal requirement, but if you drink piss I think it's just a matter of decency to disclose such information before kissing.

Side: No, right to privacy