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People addicted to computer games

  1. what do you think about people who addicted to computer and video games?
  2. How can we avoid it?
  3. How can we solve the problem of those people who do not have real life and waste their time by sittion in front of computers?

I'm sure that most of us have friends who are in this list Smile 

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Computer game addiction is a mere theory - it hasn't been proven to exist. An addiction is something that you HAVE to come back to time and time again because you feel like you won't survive without it, not something you do a lot. I spend heaps of time on video games, I reckon I have spent at least 200+ hours on Gears of War 3 since it came out (3 weeks ago), but that is because I enjoy it - I'm not addicted. One moment I will spend weeks playing games, another moment I will be sick of games and will go do other things. My point is just because you play lots of video games it doesn't mean you are addicted.

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I absolutely agree with your point about it. Maybe you are a good example of games player, but don't you think that there are still more and more teenagers who are facing with this problem. I know some boys, who take the view that they will not survive if they do not play the games they are addicted to. They waste their times on it, also destroy their psychologies from early ages. It is known that youngsters' psychologies are weak. There are the other list of problems of health.

Maybe you are right that this issue hasn't been proved officially, but look around, how many people waste time on it? Why do you think computer games which have too much violence is the best way to relax your free time?

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I guess 'wasting time' playing games is really a matter of opinion, a MLG (major league gaming) player for example plays games for a living and gets LOTS of money for doing so; so naturally they would have to play lots and lots of games - so I wouldn't call that wasting time, per say. As for teenagers that spend unprecedented amounts of times on games I probably would agree with you. Whilst I think playing games is fun and all, playing them should not be priority (unless of course you do it professionally, as I stated previously), there are much more important things to focus on in life when you're a teenager, but playing games now and then is fine.

I'm not sure whether the games are violent or not is really relevant to the argument considering a game suitable for kids can be just as fun as one for adults, but I'm not sure if it is the best way to spend free time. I guess it really depends on the individual - some people love playing games in their free time (like myself), others like it in moderation, and some not at all. I don't think it really matters how much time you spend on games as a teenager in your free time, just so long as you don't start to prioritize it over more important things like school work.

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Yes they are because they don't want to get off the computer. If you play video games everyday and without a stopping point then your addicted.

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If somebody can't stop playing video games, then they're depressed, and you're a shitty parent.

If your this person's spouse, then you're an even shittier spouse!

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