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People do not get their rights from the government. They naturally have those rights.

Some progressive loon told me that people get their rights from the government, and I am shocked that people can be that stupid. People do not get their rights from the government, they naturally have those rights.

I agree.

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I disagree.

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People think that the government gives them their rights because, if the government so choses, they can on a second's notice take away your natural rights. They've an army of crimin, umm, police officers who can kill you witelessly.

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It is truly shocking how deep the stupidity of the progressive movement really is.

When government gives rights, it can easily take those rights away.

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A right is defined as a demand, privilege, or faculty inherent and incedent upon another. Rights cannot be taken, only privileges can be given and taken away. It is impossible to grant someone a right. We as Americans should know our rights and assert them. The Constitution is not what defends our rights its just a piece of paper. The right to defend ourselves is suppose to be common sense. Everyone that has the mental capacity to use guns in a protective manner has the right and not the privilege to. And as long as they understand that death is permanent and irreversible.

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Absolutely! Everyone has unalienable rights. Each individual is unique.

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ThePyg(6737) Banned
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How do we determine what rights are natural? And how the hell are we going to ensure those rights?

Rights do not exist. They are made up concepts by human beings.

If we are going to suggest that we have rights, we're going to need some back up (and sometimes, it's government).

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Sitara(11082) Disputed
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When the government gives rights, it can also take them away. Do try again.

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed Banned
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That did not dispute what I said.

It only supports the notion that rights are arbitrary.

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Coralsnake12(13) Disputed
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You just proved out point, lol. In, the perfect world, everyone would have the same rights as men and women in the U.S. Sadly however, we dont live in that type of a world. People would have rights, if the whole world was the u.s. Go to north korea. nobody has rights except for the government. sure you could say "they have human rights' but if they use them they die. so not really accurate.

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