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People inlove are just Delusional

Thats quite right

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No. This is why

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Whenever i see two people saying they are inlove, i think they are delusional. They describe each other in some angelic manner, Some things, they minus the whole world can see. They sound silly, not real, funny, annoying........sappy.

They are willing to die for a particular ordinary(just like them) human being but No to the next person to that person.

Even if the next person is more handsome, successful, or whatever more.

I see it in movies everyday and i think its just absurd. I always look at a human being as they are ugly or pretty. And i don't exaggerate. I don't care about your personality (president or begger), well dressed or not, great at speech or not; Everyone is just a human being no supermen or wonder women.

I just enjoy some company and i don't go to bed dreaming about 5hrs ago. I start the next morning a new day, no strings attached and yet am opened to everyone. I don't know where love comes in cos i don't even look at people: am always in my head.

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Dermot(5453) Disputed Banned
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Excellent so your parents were delusional ?

People who love their god are delusional ?

And a man who sacrifices himself for another is delusional but that includes your Jesus doesn't it ?

You really aren't t very good at this are you ?

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jeffreyone(1351) Disputed
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Everyone commenting here seem to understand the motion in its Lucidity.

Can you tell me why only you don't? Oh don't tell me i know....

Dermot is Dimwit in disguise.

Take off the Disguise costume, i don't discriminate in my society , probably why i never banned you.

You may continue your Dimwit rhapsody in your next reply; maybe........

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Well yes, but this dreadful state of delusion is curable by marriage.


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Best cure there is...... In a few years time they start throwing chairs, tables, chairs, laddles,forks, etc at each other.

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At first, yes. On the other hand, if you are talking people who are 6 months + into a relationship and still say they feel in love with the other, they moved past the delusion of perfection of the partner and accepted each other's flaws.

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I've been with my husband since 1998. Dated for a looooong time then married in 2005. I love him now more than ever before and if it's a delusion and I am happy to be delusional. Love is kind of one of those things that's hard to explain. At first it's infatuation and in a way that is a form of delusion, but once you spend the time to get to know them, faults and all, arguments and all, it can turn into something better and strong than any delusion.

And WOW reading over this again, it's kinda sappy.

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It depends. If the person they fell in love with is a true partner pulling in the same direction on the same goals then that real love can last forever.

The mistake too many people make is falling in love for looks or money or something less mutual Sooner or later those two paths will diverge.

I had a very long relationship with a woman who was very attractive but otherwise a mess in every way. I wrongly believed back then that I had my act together enough I could carry us through life. When that relationship finally failed and I was rid of her then I met my wife who is a true partner. And having that true partnership has been profounding productive and rewarding already.

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