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 People on this site are getting less and less active.... (7)

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People on this site are getting less and less active....

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Unfortunately, you're not one of them.

This CreateDebate site is like a dying website..... People are getting less and less active

This is just sad.... looks like getting to the leaderboard isnt that hard anymore

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I think the air has been let out some of issues.

I think because left wing news does have as much to spoon feed, that many puppets dont have as much to say.

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I find myself being uninterested in the debates that are created. Some of them are so lame and dumb. I also just feel burnt out by debating. I've been here for 6 years, and I've learned a lot throughout the years from the site. I'm also busy with my life as well.

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This will be the third debate website I've seen burn out. Part of it is everything has already been said at least once, and a bigger part of it is one or two ultraconservatives put in overtime effort to propagandize the site until no one wanted to waste their time anymore fighting narrow minded drivel.

Conservatives can vent on me now. But it's true. It's always the actions of someone bitterly angry about abortion or gun rights or homosexuality or liberals or non-Christians who takes a dump on the site so often people consider coming here a waste of their time.

Debating itself would be a form of liberalism.

Though yes, it gets boring when things are getting repeated.