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People want to live under a Communist dictatorship


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True but unfair

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True. At least about 35% of them seem to! Another 10% doesn't seem to understand why Trump continuously kisses Putin's rear! And don't try to tell me Putin's not a communist! He calls it anything he wants, disguises it any way he wants, and kills you if you disagree! He's an authoritarian, cruel leader …. like a communist. He runs his country with an iron hand … and kills with an iron pipe … if he feels like it! Like a communist. He lies to everybody and expects everybody to believe him! Like a communist …., Hmmmm, that sounds like the communist dictatorship they want to live in …. a "Trumped-up" one!!! ;-) ( Change that 35% to 36% …. I forgot Hannity …. ;-)!

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Chinaman(2930) Clarified
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Oh No the German has to bring up Putin and that Right to Vote upsets the Socialist. MotherFucker if you don't like the Right to Vote then amendment the 15th Amendment you Pussy Socialist.

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AlofRI(3062) Clarified
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I know it will be difficult for you to understand that one can work for a German company and not be German. Actually I worked for that company in Connecticut … with about 300 other "AMERICANS". Please TRY to understand that one fact … I know it's difficult for those who are "challenged" to realize some simple facts.

Like That 15th Amendment you seem to be so confused about. Don't worry about it, it's quite simple if you don't listen to too many RW radio misfits. And just because I favor SOME socialistic thinking, I also favor SOME capitalistic thinking. Again, I know it's difficult for one at your mentally challenged level to absorb the fact that we can take good parts from about anything to make "a more perfect union". We just have to weed out the bad … like unruly Chinamen. But, you have a good night ….. if you can sleep with yourself. ;-)

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AlofRI(3062) Clarified
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"If you don't like the right to vote than "amendment" the 15th Amendment...……." I don't know what "German" you wrote that stupidity to, can't be ME, I'm not German I just worked for them … along with about 6 Italians, a few Portuguese, several Frenchmen, a couple "native Americans", at least three Brits (including my boss), and a national salad of others. (I don't remember any Chinamen, though ;-)! Well, you gotta win one, now and then. ;-)

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He's an authoritarian, cruel leader …. like a communist.

That's not what Communism is, you stupid fuck. What the hell is wrong with Americans? You all feel exceptionally qualified to comment on Communism, except NONE OF YOU have actually ever read the theory of Communism. None of you. You're all paranoid, delusional twits who have had your empty minds stuffed full of capitalist propaganda.

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