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People who are for Obama Care just don't get it!

There are some Democrats that do get it.  They get the fact that voters DO NOT want Obama Care.  Here's one:

But there are other Democrats that just don't get it and would opt to ram it down our throats.  Here's one:

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The major issue with the Health Care Reform is not its ideology, its the shear crap that it contains. You might as well call it the Vista of reform, containing numerous issues that have yet to be resolved. I'll get detailed if anyone wishes to challenge me, but the reform is nothing like it was sold to the American people. Though I would be on board with the original reform ideas, it is just plain useless and reforms the wrong things.

My thought: Rehash it. If the Senate/House will not pass it, don't change it for a single vote.

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I do not want Obama Care.

I do not want it rammed down my throat.

I'm afraid I'd choke on it and up needing Obama care ;)

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My two main reasons for being in favor of health care reform are as follows:

A) I think that having access to the best medical care possible is a fundamental human right. This has nothing to do with "getting" anything. It's just different morals. I am not okay with a single human being dying simply because they cannot afford treatment. I'm not saying my moral beliefs are better, they are just different. I don't understand why people have to make everything into an I'm right/you're wrong situation. If you think that it's fair for people to suffer and die because they are poor, then that's just what you believe.

B) My other reason is more fact driven than opinion. It is a fact that we spend more money on healthcare than every other country. It is also a fact that the world health organization ranked our quality of care at 37th in the world. Where does all of that money go when we still have a lackluster system? The answer is health insurance companies. It is a fact that premiums have been rising for years while at the same time coverage is being taken away for things like preexisting conditions. We need to develop an alternative to the monopoly insurance companies have on our health. I'm sure most people understand that when you buy things in bulk, they are cheaper. Most people have been to a Costco or other consumer cooperative or at least get the premise. This exact same concept can be used to make healthcare cheaper. If the government provides health insurance, it will lower the cost that we will pay (in taxes) as opposed to the money our employers or ourselves pay for health insurance. This is not to say that I, or any other liberals are advocating the elimination of private insurance. If you like your private insurance, then you can keep it. Even you will benefit from the plan, however, because the increased competition will force insurance companies to decrease their prices.

I'm not really sure what it is I don't get. From my moral point of view it is the right thing to do, and from an objective economic point of view it is as well.

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The Department of Energy was instituted on 08-04-1977 (the Carter administration). It was meant o lessen our dependence on foreign oil. That department has spend several hundred billion dollars. Now, it's 2010 (33 years later) and the budget for this department is 24.2 billion dollars a year. And you really want the government involved in health care?

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ledhead818(638) Disputed
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Are you capable of actually responding to arguments or do you say random things? How much the department of energy spends has nothing to do with my reasons for supporting health care reform. I consider the right to medical care so important I don't care how much we have to spend to allow it. Not only that but we already spend more than any other country on healthcare, I don't see how we can get any worse than that.

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