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Petitions should limit each person to one vote.

The petition feature is kickass, except it has the fatal flaw of allowing one to post as many times as they want and raise their petition signs. I say we swould fix this, and I've even made a petition to do so! We should use this debate to think of a way of succesfully limiting the votes or any other improvements we may have in mind.




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2 points

1) One person one vote

2) Vote is registered by an e-sign system

3) Posting is allowed separate of voting

4) The petition creator, aside from the poster in question, is the only one permitted to delete posts.

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Here, here! Fight the inflation of petitions

Realistically, however, the 2nd proposition would be hard to do because of the open nature/no-account-necessary style of signing the petition.

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Well the voting could be anonymous, in that an e-sign is taken somehow but published to no one? I'm not sure...

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Yes, it should be one vote only. After all, this is not American Idol.

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So, here is the problem.

1. I have been trying to entice more people to the site

2. I have noticed we have a large number of voyeurs (i.e. they don't sign up)

3. I can't attract more people without offering services that don't require sign up.

4. Therefore, I am not requiring signup on the petition.

5. Plus the petition file can be extracted by the petition owner who can provide it to the appropriate authorities

It is all good!

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Good reasons! Your the smart man who made the site. People TRUST HIS JUDGMENT. He is the head honcho, so his word is pretty much law.

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Okay that adds up!

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