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Pfizer exec caught on tape saying they mutated COVID to make money

You fell for it

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What the Pfizer executive was SUGGESTING was that the company should try to be proactive and preempt the evolution of the viruses natural mutation process.

It was therefore prudent to consider exploring the concept of scientifically mutating the predicted next stage of the covid-19 virus so we can have an effective vaccine ready to roll out if and when it arrives.

If the virus fails to develop to the stage programmed for or doesn't mutate at all then the research costs will be a total loss.

It was the PROFIT FACTOR which led to the Western Pharmaceutical Corporations to develop the most successful vaccines which have saved the lives of millions and reduced the severity of suffering of those who contracted the covid-19 disease.

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It's interesting to me how Excon thinks we need video of cops to see what they are up to and to keep them honest, but he never has any interest in videos of Democrat politicians, big pharma execs, social media execs, or directors of organizations like the FDA, DHS, the WHO etc being corrupt or saying evil/corrupt things.

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